Managing ADHD in adult patients can be complex1

ADHD in adults is a complex disorder, with various associated comorbidities and functional impairments1

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Common ADHD Comorbidities in Adults

Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders

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Adults with ADHD are more likely to have comorbid mood disorders (eg, depression and bipolar disorder).2 They are also more likely to suffer from substance use disorder.2

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Diagnosing ADHD in Adults

Diagnosing ADHD in Adults

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Diagnosing ADHD in adults can be a clinical challenge due to differences in both clinical presentation and functional impairment.1

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Treating ADHD in Adults

ADHD Often Persists into Adulthood

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Up to 65% of patients diagnosed with childhood ADHD continue to have ADHD as adults3,4

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Consequences of Nontreatment in Adult ADHD

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Untreated ADHD in adults can lead to serious consequences in physical and psychological health, as well as in social functioning.5,6

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Treatment Challenges in Adult ADHD

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Controlling symptoms effectively while preventing troublesome side effects presents a treatment challenge in adult ADHD.5-7

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Resources for Adults with ADHD

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There are many resources available for adult patients with ADHD, including self- and clinician-administered rating scales, and patient support organizations.

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